General Family Practice

General Practice  & Family Consultation

We offer comprehensive Family Practice with emphasize on preventive and prophylactic care. We screen and monitor health status, treat acute and chronic illnesses.  All age group from infants to seniors are seen. We advise on nutrition, weight management and well being to reach a better and healthier outcome.

Acute illness care: We provide medical care for common conditions like fever, cough and cold, throat pain, tonsillitis, stomach pain, food poisoning, migraine menstrual cramps and...

Minor Surgical procedures: Suturing superficial wounds, drainage of simple abscess, removal of small lumps, warts, skin tags. Also wound care & suture removal.

Chronic Disease Management: Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol. These silent killers need to be detected early and treated effectively so as to modify the risks and maintain organ functions .

Family Planning &  Contraception: Our doctor will happy to talk through the various options available and help to select a method which is suitable for you.

In Office procedures: Other than Blood sugar and Urine tests, Urgent HIV tests , ECG Recordings and Nebulizer treatments are also provided.

Diabetic Eye Screenings with Image/Report: Diabetic Retinopathy Screening is recommended annually for diabetic patient. Our images are graded by the SERI ( Singapore Eye Research Institute)
Spirometry/Asthma Screening & Control: Diagnose asthma, check your control with regular spirometry

Vaccinations Children/Adult: We stock most vaccines available in Singapore. We have new quadrivalent Influenza vaccine in stock. We have travel packages for Umrah/haj pilgrimage. We have vaccines like Typhoid, Tetanus.

Aesthetic Services: Looking good is also important. We provide  Facial Rejuvenation using laser beams. Optimal weight management with Radio-frequency fat reduction/body contouring treatments.

In-house Diagnostic facilities: We provide many point of care diagnostic service like an immediate X-ray/ECG/Blood sugar tests.  HIV testing in 20 minutes

        ...@Ansari we aim  for a better outcome.