Diagnostic Services

Ansari Family Clinic offers Diagnostic services via Aljunied X-ray Centre

X-ray Examinations

Ours is the latest in Digital X-ray System with better Images and faster reports. We operate extended hours until 8 pm on weekdays. We provide Screening Chest X-rays, CXR  (Tuberculosis /TB Screening) examination required for many Singapore MOM Work permits, Other Work-passes  and Student passes. Chest X-rays are also included in most Pre-employment/School/Poly medical checkups and most health screening packages. We offer Urgent Chest X-ray service (8 am to 4 pm on Mondays to Fridays)

Other Diagnostic X-ray studies  like X-rays examination of Head, Sinuses, Neck and Back,  Spine, Arms & Legs, Fingers & Toes are done as requested.

Ultrasound Scans

Our ultrasound scans are affordable and hassle free. We operate until 8 pm on weekdays. We have experienced Female Sonographers, who will make you comfortable. We provide organ scans like Abdominal scan, also Liver, Gall-bladder, Kidney and Bladder scans. We also do ultrasound scans for Uterus & Ovaries,Prostate & Testes.

We provide Pregnancy Dating Scans,Baby abnormality (Foetal Anomaly) or FA scan. FA scans are optimally done around 20 weeks of pregnancy. We do regular Antenatal scans and Baby Monitoring Scans.

Mammography (breast cancer screening)
We have experienced Female Radiographers who will make your examination comfortable. Our Center together with Singapore Cancer Society offer Mammography at very competitive price during Breast Cancer Screening month. Please call for current promotions. Mammography service is also extended to 8 pm on Weekdays.

Laboratory Services 

In office Blood Sugar and Urine tests. Urgent HIV tests (results ready in 20 minutes). This report can be used in MOM Work-pass medical forms.

Full range of other laboratory tests are done through an established service provider. They provide Quality, Reliable and Dependable service-with Rapid turnaround time.